I am launching a digital marketing agency.

If you are asking yourself, “Why?”, that is exactly the right question.

Simon Sinek, in his often-cited TEDx talk from 2009, says there is one thing that separates great organizations from all the rest. He explains that virtually all companies can explain what their company does and how they do it, but very few know why they do it. What is their purpose, their cause, …their mission? Taking Sinek’s advice to heart, we’ll start with “Why?”


At Elektra Marketing, our mission is to strengthen communities by helping small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations flourish in an increasingly challenging and complex marketplace.


We will accomplish this is by tapping into networks of specialized marketing talent and expertise nationwide to simplify and humanize effective and affordable online marketing for our customers.


Online marketing can be complicated and involves many constantly changing parts. In most cases it starts with a website. It most certainly does not end there. Search engine optimization helps customers find it. Relevant, valuable, and current content increases customer engagement and helps drive traffic to your website. Social media allows customers to talk about it and share it. Online advertising (SEM/PPC/Pre-and Mid-Roll and more) helps introduce new customers to it. And, email campaigns encourage present customers to buy again or to learn more about new offerings. Online marketing is an ever-changing eco-system where all parts of your strategy should be seamlessly working together towards the same goal.

I’ve learned a lot about marketing and advertising in my 30+ year career. In the rapidly changing online world, there’s no way one person can claim expertise in every aspect. Wrangling all elements of a brand’s digital footprint effectively and efficiently requires dedication, expert knowledge, and experience. That’s why Elektra Marketing has a team of specialists with over 130 years of combined experience.

Every digital marketing agency claims to be data-driven but Elektra Marketing is human-driven. Data informs our decisions; it does not determine them. We strongly believe that data is not the same as knowledge, and that knowledge is not the same as wisdom.