About Us

We are a boutique local marketing agency dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses flourish in an ever-more-competitive marketplace. We believe that independent businesses and non-profit organizations are vital to the economic and cultural well-being of our communities, and it is our responsibility to apply our marketing knowledge and expertise to keep them healthy, relevant and prosperous.

We call ourselves a marketing agency because the digital revolution is over. Digital won. Digital is now an important component of every successful marketing plan. The basics of customer behavior and marketing communication however remain the same. People are looking to satisfy a need, solve a problem, or maximize an opportunity. It is our job to help the local businesses we serve to be present, positive, and relevant in the marketplace every step of the way. And most of that journey is now through digital channels.

Elektra has partnered with an extensive network of talented professionals to serve its clients. This network comprises over 100 individual experts in web design and development, content marketing, brand development and strategy, social media marketing, video, and more. They enable us to access the best available talent for each project, limiting overhead costs, and delivering more value to our clients.

Steve Calkins, owner, and CEO of Elektra Marketing offers over 3 decades of successful and award-winning experience in the fields of media, marketing and advertising (including linear and digital channels), and sales management, C-level management, and small business ownership. For small to medium-sized businesses desiring more efficient sales processes as well as marketing, he also offers sales management consultation. You can download his CV here for a more detailed bio.

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