Online Advertising

Word-of-Mouth: Amplified

People are talking about your brand. If your organization is doing its job properly, they’re saying good things. They’re posting favorable reviews. They’re telling their friends – both online and off. This information is being shared, from trusted sources. And this is a good thing.

But the online conversation is not absolutely controllable by you. It’s also not scalable on your desired timeline. To take greater control and to boost your results, you’ll need online advertising.

Online advertising helps you become more visible online more quickly, with a message you control, with just the right prospective customers.

Building an Effective Strategy

Online advertising is a huge umbrella, encompassing many options, tools, formats and methods. These include Pay-Per-Click (such as Google Ads), Display advertising (direct to publisher or through any one of a multitude of ad networks and marketplaces), Video advertising (pre- or mid-roll in professional or user-generated content), Mobile display advertising, and much, much more.

Our team stays updated on current and developing trends in the online advertising ecosystem, which means we can help you select the best fit for your goals from among the newest emerging avenues.

Online advertising offers numerous benefits to your business. Here are just four of them:

  • Targeting: Beyond simply “whoever is listening to that radio station” or “whoever is watching that TV program”, online advertising allows you to target — very specifically — those people most likely to need or use your product or service.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your online advertising methods can grow to match, by expanding geography, reaching additional consumer targets, using new channels (such as video) or more.
  • A/B testing: Test two different methods/messages and measure the responses. Determine which one works best. Apply these insights to the next campaign. Repeat. Your campaigns get better. Every time.
  • Remarketing: Did someone visit your website and leave without completing a transaction? Want to give them a reason to come back? Yes, we can do that. We’ll help you grow a loyal audience of repeat customers.

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