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Today’s customer journey inevitably takes them through digital channels. And you need to reach them where they are. This requires specialized knowledge, creative thinking and innovative technique. Our team has over 100 years combined experience in digital channels and marketing techniques.

At Elektra we don’t confuse the technique with the substance. We start by understanding your mission. Your DNA. Your brand.

Our customized solutions use proven, repeatable processes and techniques that deliver results. Affordably.

Your business is as unique as your thumbprint. Your marketing solutions should be as well.

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Don't Play in Traffic

The digital highway can be a dangerous place.

The world’s knowledge is just a few clicks away. Today’s consumer is empowered like never before. Navigating the digital highway involves multiple waypoints:

  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Display Advertising
  • Video … and (hopefully!)…
  • Your Website.

How each of these waypoints are used is unique to each product or service, varies from customer to customer, and changes constantly. Is the latest trend leading your brand to a newer, better way to engage with potential customers? Or is it another shiny object leading to a digital dead-end?

Playing on the digital highway can be confusing, costly, and dangerous.

That’s why we’re here. We play in traffic, so you don’t have to.

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Featured Services

Web Development & Design

Responsive, SEO-friendly and perfectly customized for your business

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase traffic to your site through search engine queries

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Social Media Marketing

Content development and posting schedules designed to engage your audience

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Online Advertising

Precisely targeted with measurable results for continuous improvement

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Email Marketing

Strategic campaigns designed for results against your specific KPIs

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Reputation Management

Protect, monitor, repair and enhance your brand online

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Content Marketing

Establish your brand as a thought leader with blogs, white papers, infographics and more

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Video Marketing

How-to’s, testimonials, product demo’s, branding, animation, and more

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Why? How? What?

3 Keys to a Sound Marketing Strategy

  1. Why does your organization exist (what is your mission)?
  2. How is it different (what is your Unique Selling Proposition)?
  3. What is it that you actually do?

Answers to these questions are the foundation upon which Elektra creates a sound marketing strategy. And a sound marketing strategy delivers many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Reduced dependency on one marketing platform or channel
  • Data-informed and insight-driven decisions that result in better targeted campaigns
  • Improved speed to market
  • Analytics that support continuous improvement cycles

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