Customized Marketing Solutions

Your organization is unlike any other. The needs, challenges, and opportunities you face are likewise unique. That’s why you won’t find any “off the shelf” marketing or advertising packages at Elektra.

No Prescription Without a Proper Diagnosis

Simply throwing advertising tactics at a problem and hoping they work is marketing malpractice.

We study your business, your industry and your audience to determine precisely which combination of techniques and communication channels are the best fit for you. We help you devise an affordable plan and a timetable that maximizes your opportunities for success. We work with you to identify important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and then we monitor and analyze the results for incremental improvements in future campaigns.

Whether your prescription calls for only one, or some combination of several marketing services, it’s important that those services are in alignment with your organization’s brand.

We’ll help you select from the following services to create a program that fits your needs:

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