A short while ago, some companies created social media accounts and embraced the opportunities they appeared to provide, and others did not. Less than a generation later, it is no longer an option; it’s critical for survival. Just like any other marketing initiative, however, social media posting and advertising is not a complete marketing strategy in and of itself. It must feed other channels and supplement a carefully-crafted media mix. Social advertising, in particular, can help close the loop between your company’s brand awareness and search engine optimization. Here are a few examples of how to use best practices on different platforms to improve your rankings.

Content Marketing Is King

The phrase “content is king” has been burned into our collective marketing brains for several years now. This is still true, but it has evolved on social media into “content marketing is king.” Let’s break down the distinction: content can be anything from photos to videos to posts or shares. Content marketing provides an inherent benefit like a do-to video or tutorial. It can also be used to boost awareness of your brand’s profile, particularly when it comes to involvement with community events. Shares, likes, retweets and reposts can do wonders for a company’s SEO rankings.

Amplify Your Signal on Twitter

Different social media platforms offer different things, and you should tailor your strategy and expectations to match. When it comes to Twitter, the platform’s biggest advantage for many businesses is reach. Retweets, likes, quote tweets, and hashtags set businesses up to amplify their signals with ease.

Focus LinkedIn Efforts on B2B

LinkedIn is a social media channel specifically designed for professionals to connect and network. Users can share helpful articles, endorse and recommend other businesses, and recruit prospective hires. Companies can have their own pages and profiles. While they can reach out to individuals, they will likely find more success by messaging other companies’ official accounts directly as a means to market to them to business to business (B2B).

Create Facebook Groups

A company’s social media manager can set up Facebook groups for customers, vendors, and brand ambassadors, which keep interested parties in the know. If the administrator encourages members to share rich content, this will factor into SEO rankings as well.

21st-century companies need social, marketing, and SEO strategies to stay relevant and competitive. Understanding the best use of time, money, and content for each platform will help ensure that these strategies work hand in hand to deliver customers, results, and dollars.