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There’s a conversation going on(line). Are you participating in it?

Social media marketing is a key player in promoting your brand and increasing sales. Don’t take our word for it. According to The Social Skinny, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded every 60 seconds on Facebook. And that’s just one of today’s most popular social media channels.

At Elektra Marketing, we provide social media marketing strategies and tactics that are tailored to your company’s identity and goals. Our social media pros will learn about your products and services, plans for growth, target audience, and competition to design a social media campaign that gets results.

Get the Boost You Need from Social Media

With targeted ads and thoughtful, relevant posts written with the right tone and content and posted on the most appropriate social platforms consistently, your company can benefit in many ways:

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention with special offers and incentives available to online followers
  • Reach customers who are already interested in what your company does and what your company offers
  • Build an identity that resonates with your target audience and represents values
  • Engage potential customers at a new level so they are actually interacting with your brand
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility

Quality Content for Your Company

The key to social media success is to consistently create and distribute quality content that enhances your brand. Elektra Marketing designs content that gets more attention, prompts more shares, attracts more visitors to your site and builds more meaningful connections.

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