Facebook advertising offers one of the best social media marketing platforms since most of your audience uses Facebook at least some of the time. To get the best bang for your buck out of Facebook advertising, you must have the knowledge to utilize it correctly to achieve effective results. That includes having a strategy and understanding how to utilize the built-in tools. Here are some of the best practices for your Facebook marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

To target your audience, you must know who they are. It’s likely you have more than one audience, which makes it great that Facebook allows you to implement the use of different ads for different sets of audiences. Facebook makes it easy to target those audiences. This is covered more in number 5.

2. Set a Budget

Decide how much you can spend on your advertising campaign and let Facebook do the rest. If you set a limit, Facebook won’t go over that limit. Facebook will bid on ad space on your behalf without you having to worry about breaking your budget.

3. Images

Your image may just be the most important piece of your Facebook marketing strategy. An image is what people are going to notice before they read your ad copy. Use an image that will grab their attention and make them want to read the copy.

4. Landing Page

When your audience engages with your ad have a good strategy for what happens next. Of course, the next step is they are introduced to your product, but you must also educate your audience about that product. Be sure to include a call to action.

5. Utilize Facebook’s Ad Tools

Facebook offers you Audience Insights. These insights tell you about the different audiences available for you to target. It can include people who already like your page, and it also shows you what other pages the audience likes based on their user profiles.

It also offers you insight beyond facebook, such as purchasing behaviors, household income and more. You can select groups from specific regions or they can be located anywhere. You can focus on gender, interests or careers. If your audience is across multiple careers, it’s a good idea to make separate ads that will catch the attention of each.

The best thing about Facebook marketing is Facebook has created an extremely user-friendly interface so you spend your advertising dollars behind the power of knowledge. Essentially, you allow Facebook to focus on the details while you create your amazing ad.