Your customers rely on you for updated and valid information, which is why it is integral for you to keep the website for your accounting business updated frequently. Outdated information not only makes clients lose confidence, but it also can be a legal issue if incorrect information is still listed or you have not kept up with modern security concerns. If your site is outdated, you are taking on a few very unnecessary risks.

Lack of Security

In the days of identity theft and security breaches, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is up to date with the latest security technology. Outdated sites make easy targets for cybercrime and that means your clients could be in danger of a leak that involves their Social Security Numbers and other personal information.

Lack of Mobile-Friendly Content

Modern clients and customers like the option to view a website in multiple ways, and many prefer their mobile devices as their first choice. Outdated websites usually make clunky mobile sites, so if you want you enhance the client experience it’s a good idea to get yours optimized for mobile use. Clients who have to struggle to find the content they want will simply move on to another firm that has more readily available information.

Lack of New Features

Businesses are continually finding new ways to compete, and the accounting industry is no exception. If your website is outdated, other firms will have a competitive advantage by offering the newest widgets and other technology. Clients now expect to be able to log in to a site for secure information, and potential clients want to be able to ask questions without making a phone call or sending an email. Other services, such as online quotes, are becoming the industry standard.

Lack of Visibility

If you have not updated your website in a while, chances are you have fallen into the depths of an internet search. To rank higher in search results, frequent updates and website interaction is needed. For a client seeking a new accounting firm, you will be practically invisible.

Having an outdated website can be a serious disadvantage for businesses in the accounting industry. If your website isn’t currently functioning with the latest in security and technology, it’s time to have it analyzed to see what updates need to be made. Websites that are secure, mobile-friendly and feature modern content are the industry standard and are what your potential clients will expect.