You may think of LinkedIn as a great way for making business connections, but LinkedIn is actually useful for more than networking. It’s a great avenue for advertising your business. Here’s how to make the most of incorporating LinkedIn marketing into your strategy.

1. Your Profile

Your profile can be used in several ways to attract clients to your business. Premium LinkedIn accounts can set their profiles to open. This allows you to connect with anyone regardless of their membership level. You’ll also want to update your profile badge to match your web pages design, and include that profile badge on your website. Incorporate SEO strategy in your profile by including keywords throughout your profile so you show up in searches.

2. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups allows you to see the profiles of all your group members, and you don’t have to join an existing group; you can create your own. Not only do you create a group that perfectly fits with your business operations, but you will be seen as a leader of your field. As the admin of that group, you can stay in contact with group members by sending out emails once a week. Utilize this tool to create announcements or newsletters.

3. Engagement

You have multiple opportunities to engage with your potential clients through LinkedIn’s platform. Post regular updates and utilize LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages. Showcase pages are pages in addition to your company page. With these pages you can promote your products and services.

4. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn now allows you to market your company through LinkedIn Ads. You can target your audience based on industry, company size and company title. This allows you to maximize your marketing dollars by focusing on an audience that is more likely to be responsive.

You can also use sponsored updates. With sponsored updates you can utilize LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score, which measures user engagement. You’ll receive a score that will offer you suggestions for areas of improvement.

5. Tweet

Your LinkedIn marketing effort should incorporate the user of Twitter. Using the @ symbol followed by a company’s LinkedIn profile name will notify not only that company, but all the individuals who follow them.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile for your company, you now see the benefits of starting one today. LinkedIn marketing is a vital tool that allows you the ability to market and engage with potential clients across different segments of your industry.