Renew Paver Sealing – Website

Renew Paver Sealing – Website

Client: Renew Paver Sealing

Business Type: Building/Home Improvement Contractor

Problem/Opportunity: Renew Paver Sealing was a young business providing concrete paver cleaning and sealing for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. The business had been built on word-of-mouth referrals and social media. Renew Paver Sealing had no website. Renew Paver Sealing’s goal was to increase its brand awareness, credibility, and market share in order to compete with more established service providers.


Examination by the Elektra Marketing team revealed:

  • Branding
    • Renew Paver Sealing had a great reputation among its customers but was virtually unknown beyond this limited group. A suitable logo had been developed for use on social media, but aside from the customers for whom they had provided services, there was no awareness or value associated with the logo.
  • No existing website
    • Nothing on the web helped to clarify the Renew Paver Sealing’s value proposition.
    • There was no central resource or web destination where prospective customers could effectively research their options for cleaning or sealing their paver driveways, patios, or pool decks.
    • The absence of a website severely limited future marketing and lead generation campaigns.
    • Renew had zero possibility of ranking for relevant search terms, and therefore were not even in a consideration group for those searching for their services.


  • Website
    • Working closely with the owners at Renew, Elektra developed a website with the following features:
      • Responsive, mobile-friendly, and secure
      • Attractive, contemporary design
      • Well-organized content and menus with intuitive navigation
      • Well-researched and professionally written content that differentiates Renew Paver Sealing’s offerings that connects emotionally with prospective customers and emphasizes the benefits of their service in terms of pride, beauty, increased curb appeal, and enhanced value.
      • A simply, concise, well-designed, intuitive, and frictionless form for lead capture and remarketing
  • Google My Business (now Google Business Profile)
    • Elektra advocated for and assisted in getting Renew Pave Sealing to claim and populate their Google Business profile to enhance search results and maximize lead generation opportunities.


The website is amazing! …I want you to know what a wonderful job you did on it. I love it!!!

–Daniel Mastrodonato, Co-Owner, Renew Paver Sealing

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Renew Paver Sealing
Website Design and Development/Branding