The Ternio Group – Website/Branding/Collateral/Video

The Ternio Group – Website/Branding/Collateral/Video

Client: The Ternio Group

Business Type: Hospital Supply Chain Logistics Services

Problem/Opportunity: The Ternio Group is a fast-growing company whose success is based on helping hospitals and hospital groups improve efficiencies in their surgical instrument and equipment supply chain through proprietary data analytics software solutions. Fueled by innovation, the suite of solutions offered by Ternio has expanded rapidly to five distinct products, whose brand identities, features, and value propositions were not clearly articulated nor in alignment with the corporate brand identity as reflected on the website and other collateral.

Analysis: Examination by the Elektra Marketing team revealed:

  • Logos/Branding
    • The logos of each of the products did not reflect a consistent brand identity, and were not clearly related to each other or the parent brand (Ternio)
  • Existing website
    • Did a poor job of clarifying the value proposition of each of its products
    • Did not adequately reflect the professionalism, expertise, credibility and mission of the company, its Founders or its Team
    • Did not support desired future marketing and lead generation campaigns
    • Was not designed to support content marketing/search engine optimization
    • Contained no video or audio to enhance user engagement and clarification of product features and benefits
  • Collateral
    • Company vehicles had inconsistent branding, and did not fully take advantage of the awareness opportunities they represented
    • Sales Proposals were created more or less individually from scratch, and did not present Ternio or its products in a brand-consistent manner
    • Product Flyers and a Company Brochure for hard copy or electronic distribution either did not exist or were inconsistent with updated branding and content


  • Logos/Branding
    • Product logos were revised to present a consistent design style and color palette, and to appear as a related ‘brand family”, so that they reinforced one another and could be recognized as cohesive parts of the greater suite of solutions offered by The Ternio Group
  • Website
    • Working closely with the executives at Ternio, Elektra developed a new website with the following features:
      • Attractive, contemporary design that reflects a large, innovative, professional enterprise while still emphasizing personal service
      • Responsive and secure
      • Well-researched and professionally written content throughout, that clarifies the mission of Ternio, profiles of its executives/founders, and clear explanations of the features and value propositions for each of its products
      • Well-organized content with intuitive navigation


  • To enhance user engagement and to lend clarity to its specialized solutions, Elektra produced “explainer” animated videos for Ternio’s PrefConnect and InstruSource products. Approximately 2 minutes in length, these videos not only reside on their respective product pages on the website where they help to amplify and explain how the products work, but they are also designed for use in sales presentations and future marketing campaigns. Similar videos for ProCycle and Ternio Surgical Restoration are under development.


  • New vehicle wrap designs were developed using the newly revised product logos
  • New product flyers were designed and made available as downloadable pdf files on the website. Separate versions were created that are suitable for printing and hardcopy distribution.
  • A new Ternio corporate brochure was developed using the new branding design and elements, with copy and images consistent with the new website.
  • A Sales Proposal template was designed for PrefConnect that reflects the new, professional branding elements and images. The new proposal template combines standard (static) elements with customizable/variable fields for specific clients. The new template will speed the proposal development process while providing a more consistent, professionally branded appearance.


“Working with Elektra continues to surpass our expectations and has been such as great experience that I truly wish we had embarked on sooner!  Each of our initial goals were exceeded and other opportunities to better tell our story have been introduced to us through the partnership.  Elektra took the time to understand our business, our market sector and the competition – that investment in time and research has made the process very simple and easy for us.  After going through a complete brand build with Elektra, our entire company is reenergized and as excited as ever about what we offer to our customers.”

– Philip Houston, Founding Partner, The Ternio Group

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The Ternio Group
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